Repairing Your Electric Water Heater – Discovery Videos

This article will allow you to figure out what you can do in the event that your water heater isn’t producing hot water. Learn how to know if your water heater element or water coils have broken and how to fix your water heater within a few minutes.

Learn how you can safely prepare the water heater in order to prevent electric shock while doing your work. Your home repair guide will then show you how to test if the water coils are working. Start by looking at what the two panels look like and learning to spot the components inside. You will then find the voltage that will be for your electric water heater, and also how to conduct a reading to inform you of your next steps.

Once you’ve finished repairing your water heater, also check for leaks and ensure that the heater is connected to an electricity source.

The video below to see how you can fix the water heater in a hurry and without difficulty. To get more ideas for DIY from Home DIY, be sure to you can subscribe.


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