How to Save Money with a DIY Shade Installation – Money Saving Amanda

w treatments, shades can be among the simplest alternatives to set up. If you’re looking for methods to enhance your home while saving money then you might want to tackle the installation of your shade at your own expense. This video will offer the necessary tips to achieve your goal.

The host demonstrates how to put a roller shade in the window. He makes use of a roller shade which comes with hardware. This is all it takes are two additional tools to put in. What you’ll need is steps ladders, measuring tape or ruler and hammer. Also, pencil, and screwdriver.

You will first need to make sure that the shade will fit within your space. After that, decide on the spot you want the shade to go. It is important to do this using the shade that is completely rolled up since this will increase the size of the topmost part of the shade. Then, mark the area you wish for the hardware by using the pencil. It is then possible to put in your hardware in a separate location from the roller shade. Hardware is usually installed using nails you can drive through the frames.

When your device is installed, it is time to install the roller shade. This process will last about half an hour in the most extreme case, even though you have no experience with rolling shade assembly.

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