Which Type of Braces are Best for You? – Blog Author

This will assist you in determining which type of braces are most suitable for your needs.

The video demonstrates that the Phase 1 can be beneficial on children with a combination of both adult and child teeth. This is typically for kids between the ages of 7-12 and will only require partial orthodontic treatment. However, once your child is past the age of primary teeth in the first place, phase two is the best option. It usually involves braces as well as appliances. The seriousness of the issue and the age of the patient will decide the time it will take to fix them. Appliances may include RPEs. TPAs, Forsus’, LHAs, TADs, Tongue Cribs, and Face Masks. There are also a variety of braces you can choose from. For example, there are metal braces that are a traditional treatment option that can be affordable. Another option is Iconix Braces. They are tougher to see but are more expensive. In the next step, Invisalign braces also are virtually unnoticeable. They do require regular care. Furthermore, Lingual braces come with brackets fitted behind the teeth, rendering them more invisible. They are however, more difficult for orthodontic specialists to use and , consequently, are rarely recommended.


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