What Asphalt Driveway Sealing Product is Right for You? – Family Magazine


It can be a challenge to seal driveways. You have many driveway sealers to choose from. Which one do you choose? sealer is best for you? This video compares several options.

Black Jack has many driveway sealers available. Drive-Maxx 200 has a two-year durability. The Drive-Maxx 200 also contains small amounts of sand that can be used to fill small cracks. Its Drive-Maxx 500, on the contrary, lasts for five years. It also comes with sand aggregate as well as an easy-stir formulation. Following is the Drive-Maxx 700 which lasts even longer, at 7 years. It comes with a gel that is rubberized formula. The Drive-Max 10 last an insane 10-year time frame. It’s the ideal high-end option for the job. Also, you should plan the timing of your sealing according to the conditions. You need at least 24-48 hours interval of dry weather following sealing the asphalt so that it has time to fully dry. You may also consider hiring an asphalt driveway sealer business in case your asphalt sealing abilities are not up to the level.


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