How Does Computer Networking Work? – Tech Talk Radio Show

A major part of our daily every day. It’s not a big deal how they work, they simply perform. When they stop work, it could lead to significant problems, and even loss of time. On this clip, viewers will learn about how computer networking works.

It is important to start by giving a definition. Networks are “group or system that is interconnected to people or things.” It is, in essence an internet-connected network of computers. The internet of everything can allow you to easily see the amount of computers that are linked in the workplace and at home. These computers are known as a Local Area Network (LAN) and are connected to one another in the exact same spot. This network is connected to the entire internet thanks of a wall socket that was installed by your service provider. This socket is connected to the router and routes every computer through the socket. This socket connects local networks to WANs. A good example of a WAN is the entire internet. Private WANs could be employed for businesses. The connections will make it much more difficult to share data or connect to others. Our world has drastically changed due to the computer network.


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