HRT Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right For You? – Bright Healthcare

Are you aware of the buzz surrounding HRT therapy, and would like to understand more? This video explains hormone replacement therapy during menopause. This video will explain the pros and cons to HRT therapy. The information in this video can help you in making an educated decision on whether or not to pursue this procedure.

HRT is a popular option for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms. If women cease having menstrual cycles, they are experiencing menopausal symptoms. A decrease in the hormone estrogen is attributed to this change. HRT might be able reduce the menopausal symptoms.

The treatment can aid in reducing negative side effects like night sweats and hot flashes. The therapy could have severe side results. HRT has been linked to breast cancer. Your doctor will be able to help determine if the risk is justified for your specific circumstances. You should start at the lowest dosage possible and be monitored for a few months by your healthcare doctor for any adjustments.

This video will explain HRT and will help you discuss the issue with your physician to decide if it is the best procedure for you.

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