Walmart Sued for Millions – Legal Videos

Large stores are needed to cope with the increasing store traffic. The problem is that things rarely work out as planned. There are times when self-checkouts go incorrectly. This could mean that you’ve not made payment for the items. In the past, a woman was able to win the case against Walmart on this matter.

A skilled criminal defense attorney was necessary for this case. However, it was a very tough situation for Walmart. In the case, the victim was seeking to sue Walmart for the damage that they caused her reputation by accusing she had stolen $40 from the store. Walmart’s legal representatives called the woman , and requested $200 to settle her case. In reality, she would not be willing to pay money for something that she didn’t do. According to her, the computer simply froze. Similar situations have been experienced by many others. Walmart has actually taken millions from shoplifters in the in the past. They have since stopped the procedure of soliciting customers to give payment to settle the dispute. The victim was awarded over two million dollars in settlements.


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