Should You Choose Metal Roofing or Shingles? – Outdoor Family Portraits

It is essential to have a roof which can cover your head. The family you share with is protected from snow and cold rain. A leaky or unreliable roof is not something you should have to be concerned about. You may need to put up a new roofing. But which roofing type do you choose? Is it better to call a roofing firm or a roofing service? This video will explain how metal roofing differs from an shingle roofing.

Metal roofing will last longer than Shingles. This is especially true of metal roofing that is class 4 UL 2218 roofs made of steel, and is guaranteed to have been proven and tested. Actually, roofing made of metal will last two to three times more than shingles roofs. Metal roofs also are more resistant to weather extremes such as storms as compared to shingles. Metal roofs are also lighter than shingles.

Cost is one of the most interesting factors to compare. Shingle roofing is significantly less expensive initially. Metal roofing can be more affordable in the long term due because of lower costs for maintenance. So, shingles can be the best short-term choice, while metal roofing is a good long-term solution.


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