How Maintaining Cooling Tower Water Prevents Legionella Outbreaks – Kameleon Media

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of bacteria that can quickly spread and lead to illness. Individuals who come into close contact with this mist may become sick due to this disease. Contact your supervisor If you have any concerns about Legionnaires disease in the event that you’re responsible for maintaining the cooling tower. Legionnaires in the water supply are a source of illness for people and potentially even killing some of these. It’s essential that you know everything you can about what it is and how it gets spread when you’re in charge of making sure that the water supply is safe.

Legionella signs and symptoms of the disease can be observed after drinking water that is affected. It’s a respiratory condition therefore people can experience difficult breathing, stomach or respiratory issues. Legionnaires are potentially deadly. If you notice instances in your area it’s important to conduct legionella tests on all cooling towers along with any source of water. It is crucial to get this testing done. While the illness itself doesn’t cause any infection, it can be passed on by inhaling the smoke from such sources. vvupc26dyf.

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