The Technicalities of Being a Bail Bondsman – 4 Star Digital

The defendant isn’t allowed to set bail, or get out of jail without bail. That means that they’re able to return home instead of sitting in jail waiting for their scheduled court date.

Bail is a kind of collateral that the court feels will be valuable enough to warrant the defendant’s attendance at their next court date , in exchange for the right to go home. In the time they are out on bail, the defendant must follow the conditions and terms of the bail release, including agreeing not to be detained again, staying in certain neighborhoods or avoid certain particular people.

Bail bond agents assist the defendant to secure bail cash in conjunction with families or with acquaintances. In order to avail this service, the defendant must pay a cost for bail bondsman. In some cases, bail can be refunded if the accused shows up to their trial on time and at all their court dates. It is not necessary to put at risk their lives by waiting for several months, or weeks, or several years in prison, only to later be found innocent. n6fqtkgbc8.

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