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It is an overview, yet informative and clear, which will bring you all the important details. The second section of Article 1 says that taxes cannot be direct if they aren’t proportioned. A population’s effect is the number of taxes that are paid. In the beginning, income tax was not paid in the early 100 years of our history. It was collected by government through fines and tariffs. Only 10% paid income taxes. The main focus of populist movements was taking away the richest. Making it possible to implement taxation was a challenge for Americans. In the beginning, just a few millionaires had to pay taxes. This was about 1percent of the population. If you were wealthy, you would try to avoid taxes. People who were primarily paying was the middle class individuals. Governments needed more cash from the citizens. The government was required to adopt laws. In 1940, there was a massive flood into the treasury because the people thought it was their civic duty to pay taxes. In the years following World War II, people had a tendency to be less sensitive to tax payments. It is due to an abrupt change in values of the post-war period. c5xohdtn9z.

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