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Do this by placing some plumber’s putty around the circumference of the new washer. Then, put the washer over the hole in the valve to close the valve. Utilize a wrench to squeeze the nut until the washer feels secure. It is possible to put the faucet’s handle back and turn off the water to see to see if the drip stopped. The likelihood is that the faucet has stopped leaking. There may be a need to repair the valve, if the drips continue.
Change Furnace Filters

The majority of homeowners fail to follow the simple DIY suggestion of changing their furnace filters every few months. It not only helps to maintain furnace functionality and cleanliness however it also enhances the quality of indoor air in your home. Regular furnace filter replacement should be scheduled at least every three months. It is possible to change it more often dependent on the volume of time you use it. If you have allergies or pets or live in an humid area, the filters should be cleaned regularly.

Changing furnace filters is a fairly simple task that anyone could take on. It is necessary to locate the previous filter and remove it, making sure not to scratch its surface. Next, remove the old filter from your furnace . Then, insert it in your furnace. It is essential to make sure that you purchase the exact dimension and style of filter as your old one. A filter that is not of the correct type or size could damage the furnace, or cause it to become unusable.

After you’ve replaced your filter, start the furnace and ensure it functions properly and efficiently. It’s recommended to get a professional to inspect your furnace if the furnace isn’t functioning as well or making strange noises. Though changing filters for your furnace is not difficult, it is an activity that could affect the quality of air in your home significantly. In the event that you are able to regularly perform this task, you can help ensure you and your family get best air quality in the home you live in.

Replace your Showerhead

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