Should You Consider Group Therapy? – Health and Fitness Tips

It may be beneficial to first try one-on-one therapy. Alternatively, you could be advised to consider group therapy, in accordance with your particular circumstances. They usually focus on getting people to meet in groups for discussion, not just about their struggles, but also aid people in understanding that they are not alone. This video will show you the advantages of working with groups in your mind.

The term “group therapy” is used as the practice of a psychologist that assists in guiding a group of between up to 15 patients. Sessions last for about 1-2 hours , and the information provided is kept confidential. Patients are able to attend individual or groups, while others are unable to attend only the group. The groups usually meet for discussion of the specific issue, such as depression or disorders. Open groups can join at any time however closed groups are limited by a time and include specific members. One of the benefits of group therapy is the sense of belonging which it promotes. Patients are reminded they’re not the only ones struggling with their problems. There are others with similar issues.


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