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paint your house, you’ll want to learn how to help you make it more simple. In this post we’ll explore these ticks, as well knowing what else you should to know about the painting process.

If you’re planning to paint a room you should first think about how much paint you will need. Lowe’s Home Improvement explains, that one gallon of paint should be enough to cover the area of 400 sq feet on a wall. Take measurements of your walls prior to when you decide to purchase paint. This will enable you to decide on the appropriate amount.

Another option is using painters tape. You can shield surfaces you don’t want paint to stick to with painters tape. The painter’s adhesive can be put over the wall so it is not possible to get paint on the wall while painting the ceiling.

The next post will focus on the final tip of working in segments. Instead of jumping across the entire wall at once start by working it piece by small. After you have completed one part, and are ready to move on and on to the next.


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