How to Make Your Birthday Flowers Last Longer – Balanced Living Magazine

There’s no better option to show people what you think other than by sending gorgeous flowers to be able to enjoy at home. The problem is you have a finite amount of time to spend with the flowers. If you’d like to keep your birthday celebration flowers in good condition for longer there are some suggestions to assist you.
To begin, you’ll have to trim the stems on your bouquet to an angle. It’s not just that this helps in trimming them to an appropriate length to the vase that you’re using however, it can also help your flowering plants absorb more the water. Trim your stems every weekly. It will help keep your flowers fresher for longer.
The next thing you’ll want to make sure you change the water on a daily basis or more. It will keep oxygen levels in your water to the flowers. Additionally, it’ll make sure your flowers have better quality water so that they can stay healthy for longer. It is not a good idea for your flower arrangements to have contaminated water. ioobu5km45.

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