Behind the Pricing for Persian Antique Rugs – House Killer

make. Many thousands of dollars could be invested in a high-quality Iranian carpet, with antique carpets fetching a lot more. Each Persian rug is an object of art , which represents the Iranian culture and its history.

Persian carpets are made in a variety of styles, each with its particular set of material as well as patterns and techniques. From the Isfahan floral pattern to Qom’s intricate fine-detail and the robust, compact Bidjar rugs from a Western Kurdish town. Carpets that are the most popular Gabbeh rug, produced in the southern Iranian region are known for their striking patterns.

A bed of foundation material called Warp is inserted into the frame, also known as Loom However, the method to weave a Persian rug varies slightly according to the style. The warps are created using wool and weaver tie the weft knots at both ends. The finest antique rug might have more than 1,000 knots for every square inch. Most antique rugs don’t contain a knot count but they are valued for their overall design and the materials.


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