What Licenses Do You Need to Be a Financial Advisor? –

For you to get the FINRA investment banking license, you must pass an exam called the Series 7 and Series 66 exams. The Series 7 exam is easier to pass than the series 66 exam in years prior. It is possible to take the SIE test by themselves, with no being sponsored by. The previous Series 7 required you to be employed by a finance company and they would be the sponsor, however this creates some kind of catch-22.

The Series 7 is now complete. Next, you will need to complete the Series 66. This has an incredibly low failure rate compared to Series 7. The Series 66’s length is smaller than the Series 7, and it’s far more simple. Because of this, people may not spend more time studying but may fail. Learn to be productive while studying to pass every test.

You may require different licenses for the location you’re working. Each state will vary on the various licenses needed. You may have different duties according to your business and you will require different permits. 8f6ivv76hg.

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