How Does a Heat Pump Work? – Daily Inbox

There is the indoor and outdoor units. It is able to function as the heating element or cooling and heating unit. The type of heat pump has many different parts including an actuating valve, controller and compressor. It also has an indoor heat exchanger, outdoor heat exchangerand expansion valve, non-return valve, filter drying device and sight glass. The refrigerant escapes from the compressors before it is transferred to the reverse device. Heating is then distributed to the space. After that, the refrigerant transforms from a hot high-pressure liquid into a cooler liquid. Once it is through the non return valve, filter drier and vision glass, refrigerant flows into an outdoor heat exchanger , where it is mixed with the liquid and vapor mix. The refrigerant then gets heated to the point that it’s boiling and the thermal energy is released by the fan. It is a little superheated low-temperature gas, the refrigerant is returned to the second reverse valve. The cycle goes on.

There are two more heat pumps that are explained later on in the video. Watch the video to learn more about how they work and what kind of heat pump would be the best one for your house. b85193tlhx.

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