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into a crash? LendingTree suggests that auto repair costs for body damage can range from 50 and $2500 based on damaged. Replacement or repair of the bumper can run $300-$1500. Paint jobs however, could cost anywhere from $500 to $2500 based on its condition. It will cost even higher if your car needs an welding repair in the event of significant damages.
Make of the Car

You should be concerned about the car’s brand because it affects the cost of maintenance. Generally speaking, luxury car models are usually more costly to keep. In the opinion of Your Mechanic, Toyota repairs are the least expensive as compared to BMW and Mercedes Benz are the costliest. The Camry and Toyota Prius are two models that come with the lowest maintenance prices. In contrast, models like the BMW 328i and Mercedes Benz E350 top the list of the most expensive cars to maintain. Collision repairs are also included.

Car Tire Costs

NerdWallet says that you have to replace your tires at least every six years, or whenever you notice loss of traction or worn tread. Be aware of your car’s tires before buying new ones. Consumer Reports estimates that you are paying $167 to purchase a tire. But, while a sedan has a median price of $137 for a tire, a pickup truck costs an average of $187 per tire.

Car vs. Truck

America loves trucks. While looking through various options for truck bodies can be interesting however, you might want to consider forgoing a truck if you really don’t need it. Based on The Zebra, the average sedan costs $9,000 less to buy. A six-month policy will cost $102 more for insurance on for a car than one that is a truck. Prior to purchasing, make an objective review of your requirements.

The Basic Costs of Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance will help prevent serious malfunctions like fuel injector issues or an engine that has seized. It is possible to keep your car in good condition for a long time by maintaining it in a good way. it. When you take care of your car, it will last longer.


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