How to Change Your ARK Server Map – How I Met Your Motherboard

There are free and paid DLC maps, maps that are custom, and expansion packs that can be added via mods on servers. Each map users can play on is different and often have new areas as well as creatures to find. This is how ARK users can move between ARK dedicated servers that switch between maps.

According to the narrator of this video, the first stage for users is to ensure they’ve registered in the Shockbyte control panel and ended their server. Select the link that says “server” and then go to “files”. After that you can select “config files” on the left sidebar. You should see a list of configuration files that they can modify. They should then hit ‘Ark Server settings after which they can select ‘Server Map.’

You should now be able to see an options menu with a variety of DLC maps as well as expansion packs. In the event that users update the Ark server maps to expansion packs they’re only allowed to download these maps when other players also have expansion packs. Click “Save” to start the process of downloading the new ARK map for the server.


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