7 Ways Your Roofing Contractor Can Cheat You – Saving Money Ideas


The video’s narration reveals that roofing contractors are often shady with their clients by failing to acquire permits, in order to cut costs.

Licenses are not issued, which is the second reason that roofing contractors may deceive their clients. Licenses for contractors aren’t mandatory in every state, however contractors may obtain them at their discretion.

Substandard underlayment is another means roofing contractors may deceive their clients. It is risky because customers’ homes may leak when it rains heavily.

A fourth reason roofing contractors will deceive customers by the fact that they don’t register roofing warranty registrations. In case of a product problem, the consumer isn’t eligible to be able to claim a refund.

Fifth way contractors may deceive clients is by using cheap accessories which void the warranty of the product. Also, the customer isn’t entitled to an exchange if this occurs.

Failure to replace wooden structures that are decaying is the sixth trick a contractor could use to deceive clients.

The seventh way a contractor will deceive clients is by misleading the marketing. A contractor might lie to clients about their product’s endurance and life span with the help of tricks to sell. mr8szieeaz.

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