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For students to be enticed to apply for your institution. Universities that offer higher education have been forced to shut down due to Covid. This has led to a significant decrease in people who want to pursue higher education. Although colleges might experience an increase in applications due to the changing nature of the current world, there are several options that marketing professionals could do to increase applications. The recruitment software is one of the most popular means of making it easier for students to get into the college that never stops to increase and develop. This video will show you how admission software online can simplify application to higher education.

This video showcases the benefits of Creatix, one of the most advanced recruitment programs made available. Creatix allows applicants to log in and automatically check-in and maintains a track of their progress in submitting applications. It also helps you find the right students for you through segmentation of the market. The program allows students to ping professors directly as well as interact with faculty prior to making an application.


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