How To INSTALL a FRAMELESS Shower Door – Teng Home

This video will show you how you can put these pieces together , and then what you must do to complete it.
A professional carpenter will lead the session and guide you on how to begin. These include all the tools, such as various saws , and more. Safety gear, such as gloves and glasses are essential to protect the eyes, and to prevent burns.
In the next section, we’ll demonstrate how to build an unframed shower door. It involves measuring the shower space precisely and removing the old door, as well as a number of other steps. For making it simpler and faster, every step will be explained clearly and illustrated.
As a result, you should find it quite easy to put up a frameless glass shower door following this instructional video. If you are unsure of how or where to start, make sure to watch the video at least a few times. od6nqsc7uv.

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