A Beginners Guide to Layering HTV – Discovery Videos


You can cut custom designs from this amazing material. Custom designs can be created through the software that comes with your vinyl cutter. The machine will then cut the sheets. Once your cut-out design is finished the design can be applied on any material. But what if your goal is to create a design which incorporates multiple colors? HTV sheets are available in single colored blocks. You will need to separate the vinyl sheets into the intended colors for the various sections of the pattern. This video illustrates how easy it is to blend different HTV colors into one coherent layout. The design program will split your design into sections using different colours. Save the material by cutting parts of scrap vinyl. Start by aligning each piece back to your original design. If it’s looking right the design is ready to be transferred over to your fabric and press them onto the fabric one at a moment, beginning with the front-most part.

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