Buying a House Home Inspection Checklist Tips for New Homeowners – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

If you own an old home and have modern wiring, you must confirm the work was completed by a qualified professional, as there’s no requirement for you to change the electrical components. If you have an electrical inspection on your check list, it’s the responsibility of the seller to correct the issue. It will cost you the additional electricity costs after the home is bought, even though it’s not the blame. This is the ultimate reason to invest in a home examination prior to buying a house for the first time.
HVAC System

Prior to purchasing your first home, you might also want consider hiring an approved home inspector, also known as HVAC technician. The HVAC system you have is an important part of your house. If you want to live in a home that feels comfortable, it has to be working. It’s worth asking the seller for a professional air duct cleaning service and routine maintenance. It is also possible to insist that the seller provide an assurance on the HVAC to ensure that you aren’t left saddled with huge costs should something go wrong.

Major Appliances

It would be ideal if the inspection was focused on all the major appliances. Alongside the air conditioning and the furnace or HVAC unit, some of the major appliances to be assessed include freezers, dishwashers fridge, washer or stove, as well as garbage disposal. It is necessary to have someone with the knowledge to inspect the appliance and its electric and plumbing connections. Although you might not be able to accurately estimate the lifespan of the appliances yet, you could still identify problems that could require a repair or replacement.


There’s a lot you must know before buying a home. It is possible to view the home from an inside or exterior viewpoint. In the case of the exterior, the areas that must be looked at are the siding, garage, and the exterior doors,


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