Why Social Media And SEO Go Hand In Hand

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Of all of today’s marketing professionals who work on social media campaigns, almost all of them, or about 94 percent, will track their clients’ followers and their fans too. This makes ideal sense, since this information is generally used in marketing campaigns and in pitches. And since social media today is one of many important factors that help drive results for companies and that help consumers pick out the companies they wish to use for buying services and products, having a stronger social media campaign is more vital than ever. Perhaps the greatest thing about social media is its role as an almost entirely free Internet marketing tool. Companies can advertise their services, announce new products, launch contests and promotions, and do any number of additional things through social media sites they operate. Via this trusted and very inexpensive online marketing solution, these businesses can build up their reputations very quickly and without much effort. Similarly, social media is a nice component that usually is wrapped up into another area like search engine optimization, which is a nice addition to any campaign because it takes into account keyword specific searches to further boost these companies’ reputations and to more easily connect them with the consumers who are seeking out their products or their service offerings, thereby resulting in more often than not a rise in online sales for these enterprises. Using a combination of these two elements, then, most companies enjoy success far beyond what they could have imagined previously. Some facts about SEO help drive home the need for using both of these services. For instance, this method dramatically increases the natural ranking of any website through improvement of quality and a higher visibility of content. Users today 70 percent of the time are clicking on these natural links and are almost completely avoiding the paid ones. And with closing rates that are significantly higher than those for more outbound leads like print advertising and direct mail, with SEO being at 14.6 percent and other outbound leads holding steady at just 1.7 percent, SEO is a noted improvement over having less technology oriented marketing based offerings. Plus, since 88.1 percent of online users aged 14 and older last year searched online for products, a combination of social media and SEO makes for much more fruitful endeavors for the companies that decide to combine these services; and most of the time, they usually only need to hire one company to do it all for them.

To Resell SEO, You Need To Put A Few Things Into Perspective First

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Resell web design
Choosing to resell SEO means stepping into a fast paced world and there is no better indication of this than the fact that an amazing 93 percent of people using the net today begin every experience by visiting one of the major search engines. While this notion might be why the search engine industry carries a worth equal to roughly $16 billion dollars US, the fact remains that there is always room for one more person to resell seo as long as the approach is creative enough. Fortunately, as long as you can find an approach to search marketing that is fresh and effective, you will be able to build a great business for yourself. If you decide to resell Seo to businesses who operate either in part or fully online, you should know that ecommerce sales found their way to the $200 billion mark in 2011 and continue to make leaps and bounds today. In fact, Forrester Research tells us that the amount of sales taking place online are fully expected to increase from seven to nine percent by the year 2016 and that means you will have plenty more chances to resell Seo to opportunistic companies who are trying to increase their marketing agenda. In fact, you could even couple your SEO efforts with other marketing concepts in order to make them more affective. Companies typically only will respond to a little lower than a third of the feedback that is posted by their followers on their social media profiles. However, if you can resell SEO in a way that taps into this area as well, you can help them to greatly improve their response rates and their overall traffic on the social platform itself. Then, you will be able to provide even more great services. To pull it all together, you need only find a private label company who can work directly with all of these different services. By doing so, you will be able to target many more customers from different walks of life. In the end, it could make all the difference in how much staying power you really have. You will find that once you have the right services to push, your reseller business could become a very long term career. This is a good thing because it will provide you with stability. You will also have virtually unlimited chances to grow your company.